Are you feeling rather bored, dull, lacking in energy?  Are you feeling that you are missing out on something or being left out of something?  Maybe you are feeling down or depressed.  January often brings on the so-called ‘winter doldrums’.  This time of year, we have put away the Yule/Christmas decorations and our homes and work places now seem dull in comparison.  Additionally, the weather feels depressing for many, cold, with snow and ice and gray skies. Those of you who work to manage depression may have found ways to stave it off this time of year, only to find yourself fall back into the same patterns of sadness or depression. This can happen particularly if you have an unfortunate situation that triggers a loss for you.  Some things can trigger depression in the most cheerful among us.  What to do?

The most important thing is to start with kindness toward ourselves.  We cannot be of value to anyone if we are sad and depressed.  And we cannot be our true self when we are feeling sad or worthless.  However, do not blame yourself for it either.    Consider that situations will always arise that are not to our liking.  And some of them are so bad, it may trigger a time in our childhood when someone made us feel we were ‘less than.’  Of course, these are all lies!  If you feel overwhelmed, stop your daily activities if possible and take some time to nurture yourself.  Don’t try to stop the sad feelings.  Allow them to come.  Some of us practice Wicca or other Pagan/Neopagan rituals and  doing a ritual to get rid of this negative energy is very effective.  During the dark moon, the period after the full moon but before the new moon, we can have a ritual to release all the dark energy.  In fact, this is a great time of the year for this or releasing anything.  After casting your circle, you can allow the energy to sink down into the earth where it will neutralize.  Between the new moon and the full moon, which is occurring now, you can still release it but also ask that it is replaced with light, positive feelings.  Ask for laughter, joy, cheer, happiness.  Ask to feel loved, to feel included, and to feel a part of something bigger.  Ask for what the next step is to actualize, to realize your happy life.

There are many other things that can be done to bring joy back into your life.  As said here before, do not attempt to stop the negativity.   We take the time to try to understand why it is there so we will be able to cope better with it the next time it comes.  For example, if a negative person has caused you some unhappiness, don’t make them happy by accepting it on their terms.  Consider all your choices in the situation.  Take time to do so, but don’t take too much time.  Don’t let it become a daily habit where we isolate, bask in negatively and don’t venture out to carry out what great things we have decided to do.  Sometimes, we must learn to move with the depression and sadness still within us, to continue on.  When we do that, we find other things, happier things that replace that emptiness which may have seemed to consume us.    But always remember that you are the one in charge.  You know yourself better than anyone.  In other words, you are your own expert on yourself.  So filter any advice even from the best of friends.

Do not ever feel ashamed of your sadness or depression.  Our mainstream culture makes us feel that way, but in reality everyone experiences it at some time or another.  Realize it is a natural part of living.

And one last point.  I have found that when I let go of some things that I think were great, but negative people are trying to force me out, that even better things come in after I let go.  The things that came were even better than I had imagined for myself.  Yes, this has literally happened to me over and over.  I suggest you let it happen to  you as well 🙂

Copyright © by Ellen Bergstrom, 2013

Ellen Bergstrom – Greenbridge has over 20 years experience as a licensed social worker including work as a therapist, with training and experience in both mainstream and alternaitve practices. In a addition, she is a dedicated, seasoned Witch.   If you would like a reading, individual healing, spell or life coaching, contact her at 810-845-6766 or greenbridge36@hotmail.com



  1. Very good article about a time of year that can sometimes be challenging to get through. But, as Robert Hunter wrote and Jerry Garcia sang: “Once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places, if you look at it right!” (from the song Scarlet Begonias). Speaking of which, the music of the Grateful Dead is often just what the doctor ordered to get me through rough times. Most of their concerts are archived here: http://archive.org/details/GratefulDead. That same website (archive.org) also has lots of other great live music to get you happy.

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