The Kind Home, A Magical Home


By Ellen Bergstrom – Greenbridge


Our homes are very important.  Not in the sense of how expensive and luxurious they are.  But they are important in how they make us feel, those who live with us, including our animal companions and those who visit us.  How do you feel when you arrive home, perhaps after working for a period of time?  Do you feel good returning to your home? Do you feel safe, comfortable, and cozy?  Or do you feel burdened to return perhaps to a home that is chaotic, messy, cluttered, filled with chores to be done, worries about bills to be paid or family or friends, etc.

Certainly, we must all be doing chores in our home.  As in the book, Chop Wood, Carry Water,   becoming enlightened does not give you a chore-free life.  Our chores will always be with us during our earthly lives.  The secret is in learning to enjoy the chores of our daily life through the practice of mindfulness.  But that is another story and I wish here to explore creating a home that is as wonderful to live in and come home to, a ‘Kind Home.’  Coming home should feel like exhaling, like saying aaahhh.  When you come home, you want to be able to feel like you are surrounded by cozy, comforting, lovely, cheerful, supporting surroundings and people who care about you.  Home is a place where you relax and rejuvenate.  Home is also a place where you make plans for your future, distance and close.  Home is place to just live, just be with those who live with you or simply be yourself.

As I’ve already said, you need not live in a luxurious mansion to have a wonderful home.  You may own a small bungalow, rent a small apartment or have a single room.  It is still your home, your haven, your place.  And you can make it look and feel like an amazing place to live.

If your home is currently none of those wonderful things I’ve mentioned so far, that can change faster than you might imagine.  ‘Imagine’ is the key word here.  Remember the song, Imagine, by John Lennon.  Imagination has a strong impact and is the first step in beginning anything.  So snap your fingers now! Snap! Your new home and wonderful life has just begun.

Changing your home to become a place you love does not have involve spending a lot of money.  Read a book on Feng Shui, or just borrow one, from a friend or library. Or Google it and find many articles to read online.  You’ll easily learn a few ways to just rearrange your place to reflect beauty.  Feng Shui is an ancient art and has the philosophy that one’s life is determined by the arrangement of objects in the home as well as the cleanliness of the home.  If you feel you need to add things to your home and have a limited budget, try one of the second hand shops that are sprouting up everywhere, such as Good Will and Salvation Army Shop. Or search rummage/garage sales, EBay, Craigslist, the possibilities are endless.  Many people are reporting finding wonderful treasures in those ways.  And be sure to throw away things that no longer reflect who you are.  Throw away things that maybe someone gave you and you really don’t like or things you didn’t like after you brought them home.  They will only make you unhappy or feel irritated when looking at them.  You want to have things that invoke positive emotions in you; things that make you feel cheerful when you look at them because somehow they represent a happy state of being for you.  I do not mean to imply here that things make you happy.  In and of themselves, ‘things’ never will.  Only you can make you happy.  You are totally in charge of that.  But  isn’t it easier to look at a warm crackling fire in a fireplace, sitting on a comfortable sofa in a beautifully colored room, than a dank, cold place that is devoid of color, warmth or perhaps the opposite, screaming of loud, clashing ugly colors, cluttered with old newspapers, food wrappers, foul odors, and on and one. Yuk! (Yes, we do have the right to mess up our homes.  After having a great party, after working all week, sometimes we need to just lie down and relax.  Cleaning will come later.  I do not believe there is a problem with that as it is temporary.  You need not push yourself to work at cleaning when you need rest.  And it won’t be pretty if you do.)

We all have a different taste so you decide if you prefer the modernistic look of all white or the monochromatic look or the comfortable, colorful look of a cottage style or whatever.  I prefer to think of the style of my home as whimsical, romantic, country cottage witch.  Yes, quiet a mouthful.  But my home makes me happy.

Now where to start with your home, your life.  Start by cleaning.  Not the proverbial ‘dredge’ of ‘now I must clean it up,’ kind of thing.  Do a magickal cleaning. Doing it this way, makes it exciting.  Magickal ways always are if they are truly magickal.   Using natural items such as vinegar and water, baking soda, salt for the cleaning and the ritual, you first start by the rearranging.  If it all seems too overwhelming, just do one room at a time.  Gather your cleaning supplies and walk into the room.  Close your eyes and imagine a perfectly clean and beautiful room.  Now sort things out, throwing away the things you don’t need or putting them in a pile to recycle or give away.  In fact, if possible, have an area in your home, perhaps the basement or perhaps just a large box, where you place items to be recycled or given away.  Clothing can be put right into the trunk of your car to put into the recycle clothing bins found in so many places these days.  Clearing out the clutter brings in new feelings, better, clearer energies.  Look around and see how you may be able to rearrange things.  Many ideas may begin to pour in, things you will purchase in the future, to make your life and your house-mates lives happier. In the days to come, ideas will continue to come to you.  When this part is completed, at least for the time being, begin the cleaning process. Say, “I now cleanse this room, allow all stale, negative energies to be cleansed away, to leave my home.  And as they leave, I allow beautiful, warm, comforting, loving, prosperous energies to enter my home and my life,” while you are working on the cleaning.   I like to start from top, moving gradually to the floor as the last place.  (Although some say work in a circular manner.) Using a dust mop of some kind, get rid of any cob webs on your ceiling, walls and light fixtures. Shake it off outside.  If things are really dirty, you may need to wash walls and fixtures.  Do not use cleaning supplies with harsh chemicals as that will not bring in what you want.  Murphy’s oil soap, a non-toxic cleaner,  is a soapy substance that can be used in hot water and for stubborn, sticky areas try a metal scrubber or scrub brush if needed, if you are going to repaint that is, because it will leave marks.  Otherwise use the soft scrubbers.  As you are cleaning, say from time to time, “I am cleaning away all the worry, trouble of my life.”  As you clean an area say, “I now allow all good things to come into my home and my life.”  You proceed downward, cleaning off all your things, furniture, objects. Knick- knacks can be help under warm or hot running water and wiped off, or just dipped into a bucket of water and scrubbed.  Even dusty old candles can be cleaned this way.  And finally, cleaning the floor.  If carpeted, consider using a carpet cleaner.  If you don’t have one, you can scrub the old fashion way.  You may also chose to wash your windows.  Best way to do so, use a little vinegar in warm water.  Use of old newspapers to clean and dry windows does wonders.

Once you are done you can conclude with another ceremony. Gather either salt and water (rain water is great) or even burning of an herb such as sage, and walk around sprinkling the water and salt and/or allowing the fumes of the burning herbs, essential oils or incense to permeate the area. Here are a few meanings of using some herbs and essential oils you may wish to use.   There are many more possibilities:  Salt (purifying and grounding); Sage essential oil (purifying); Lemon essential oil (gives energy and a clean smell); Patchouli (brings prosperity — go extra light on this); Pine (brings prosperity and love).  You can use a bell, a shaker, or clap your hands and say, “My home is now perfectly cleansed of all negativity.”   (Perhaps opening the windows to allow the negativity to symbolically leave, can be done as well.)  I see it leaving my home, going out into the world, into the universe to neutralize. Walk around the entire area that has been cleansed and repeat this. Then, pause, sit down and close your eyes, briefly and visualize your home wonderfully cleansed.  Then walk around the home in the same manner with bell, rattle or clapping your hands and announce, “I now allow and invite all wonderful things to enter my home, peace, love, comfort, dreams coming true, prosperity, good health.”  Once again pause and visualize these things on their way into your home and your life.  If you are Pagan, you may wish to do a ceremony to raise energy either at this time or a time soon after.

After this, rest in a comfortable spot or nap in your bed.  Perhaps you will have a dream of the wonderful things that are now on their way into your life.

This ceremony can be adapted for both Christian and Pagan religions, as I have known both well enough to say that.  If you are of another religion, perhaps it can be adapted to your religion or belief system as well.

Pagans may wish to call quarters, Deities and or their Spirit Guides or Totem Animals upon beginning this.  Christians may wish to call upon Christ.  In Pagan thought and religions, cleansing is best done during the waning moon, or the time after the full moon and before the new moon.  Then another ritual for bringing in the things you want can be done during the waxing moon which occurs between the new and full moons.

Brightest Blessings!

Copyright ©, 2012 by Ellen Bergstrom

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